Majical Cloudz: Mister

Majical Cloudz was an intense band that really grabbed hold of your emotions with each and every song. Vocalist Devon Welsh’s stage presence was both creepy and interesting. His lyrics cut to the core of your being and kept you wanting more.

“Mister” is one of the duo’s best songs with its somber electronic sound and Welsh’s emotive voice. Check it out below.

No Malice: So Woke

Clipse has always been one of the best rap duos in hip hop and when the brothers embarked on their solo careers, Pusha T proved to be the most popular. Many people have waved off No Malice but they will surely get back on the bandwagon after listening to “So Woke.”

No Malice goes in on this hard-hitting beat with his fierce delivery about police brutality and Donald Trump’s incompetence and stupidity. Check it out below.


Editors: All Sparks

The British post-punk band Editors have always been a personal favorite of mine. They came to prominence during the 00’s post-punk revival scene with bands like Bloc Party and Interpol. They have managed to keep releasing albums and touring over the past decade.

“All Sparks” is one of the best tracks from the band’s catalog. It features a prominent guitar riff and danceable drumbeat that is furtherly heightened by Tom Smith’s baritone vocals. Check it out.

Omarion: Okay Ok

Omarion has been gearing up to release his new album “Reasons” within the coming months. The R&B singer who stated that his next album is about going to the next level has been doing a lot lately in order to get to the top. His music has expanded in sound and features a more dance vibe than previous works.

“Okay Ok” is a fun-loving and upbeat song that was made specifically to get up on your feet and bust out a few moves. Check it out.