Chelsea Wolfe: The Mother Road

Chelsea Wolfe is back! I have been waiting patiently for a new album from Wolfe and I am excited about Birth of Violence. I feel like Wolfe has only gotten better and better from album to album. “The Mother Road” is the new single from the upcoming album and is an acoustic track that is […]

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Deftones: Digital Bath

I’ve gotten around to listening to Deftones after coming across their music on a Spotify playlist. I must say I fee waaay behind the loop in hearing this band. They are so good. “Digital Bath” is a track that instantly latched onto me with its quiet and captivating guitar sound. Check it out below.

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YG: Go Loko

Los Angeles rapper YG continues to impress with his diverse range of music. He has dabbled in gfunk, trap, and now Spanish guitar on the track “Go Loko.” Check it out below.  

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Solange: Almeda

I am a big fan of Solange and have enjoyed her works over the years. I even believe that she is a better singer and artist than her sister (Don’t come for me, beehive! lol). A Seat at the Table was one of my favorite albums of 2016 with its soulful eclectic style. Many weeks […]

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