Soviet Soviet: Fairy Tale

Soviet Soviet is a fantastic post-punk band from Italy. They have released three studio albums that have seen the band get better and better with each new release. “Fairy Tale” is one of the band’s best tracks. Check it out below. Advertisements

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Cold Showers: So I Can Grow

Cold Showers is a Los Angeles based post-punk band that I recently discovered. Their debut album Love and Regret was released in 2012 is a true joy to listen to with its killer bass riffs especially on the phenomenal track “So I Can Grow.” Check it out below.

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TRAITRS: Thin Flesh

Whenever the fall and winter season rears its head, my music selection changes towards more darker and reflective tunes. I retreat into post-punk (my favorite music genre) songs and dive very deep. Yesterday, I discovered the amazing Canadian post-punk duo TRAITRS and I have been playing their music non-stop. “Thin Flesh” is a track from […]

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Blood Orange: Jewelry

From album to album, Blood Orange continues to surprise me. Devonte Hynes seems to always produce a fantastic album from opening track to closing note. Negro Swan is another rewarding listen from the British singer-songwriter. “Jewelry” is one of the best tracks from the album with its atmospheric sound. Check it out below.

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