Childish Gambino- 3005

Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino has grown as both a rapper and an actor in the past few years. His performance on the cult tv show “Community” and his standup shows has helped to cement his acting career. As Childish Gambino, he has moved past the playful rapping into mature territory on his new album “Because the Internet”. The lead single “3005” displays Gambino’s improved lyricism and moody/reflective sound.

The music video has Gambino on a Ferris wheel with a teddy bear that appears to be alive. Gambino appears to be in a somber mood while rapping as if there is a huge weight upon his shoulders or reeling from the effects of failed relationship. Loneliness stands out as the major theme in the video especially with the teddy bear as the passenger in the Ferris wheel car in place of a lover. The vivid lights of the pier in the nighttime scenery and Gambino’s downcast persona help to establish the idea of the lost of enjoyment in a commonly associated fun activity.

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