Into It. Over It.- Proper



I am a late listener to Into It. Over It. This band came my way after I discovered their music randomly online. The concept that emo music was still being made interested me. I thought that emo died in 2009. Yet, there are a bunch of bands still making music that is defined as emo.

Into It. Over It. is a band from Chicago that started out as a side project for Evan Weiss.  The band’s 2011 album “Proper” is fill of breakup songs and angst but also delves into trying to find meaning to a turbulent life. Weiss’ vocals range from wistful to forlorn throughout the album. His vulnerability comes forth especially on tracks like “No Good Before Noon” and “The Frames that Used to Greet Me”.

The best tracks on the record are “Midnight: Carroll Street” and “Where Your Nights Often End”. These songs caught my attention the firs time I listened to the record. Both tracks are guitar driven and have Weiss baring all. Weiss is able to protrude the persona of both the jilted lover and melancholy loner searching for a connection. The record as a whole is quite solid and does not have a single song that is skip-worthy.  The acoustic closing on the album provides a remarkable finishing touch to a captivating album.

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