Chet Baker- Born To Be Blue

I’ve been listening a lot to Chet Baker recently and discovered “Born to be Blue” which completely blew me away. The song is in the standard 12-bar blues  but played on a piano and has Baker singing in his well-know whispery and soft-voiced way. Baker’s voice is melancholy which only heightens the image of lost love and loneliness that the piano and bass guitar accentuate.  It is a track made for rainy days and nighttime reflections.


  1. Keith Fontaine.

    Some of the most haunting pieces in jazz that I have ever heard have come from Chet Baker. Another one of his tracks ‘Almost Blue’ is also a great track. It really has only been in the last 10 yrs or so that I have been listening to jazz again. My dad lived, breathed & played jazz as a drummer in England back in the 1930’s. When I was growing up in England during the ’50’s & ’60’s, he would play stuff like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Gene Krupa, & a quite a bit by the Ted Heath Orchestra which was a very good British jazz band. They were all on 78 rpm records. You might want to check Ted Heath out. Another good British band was the Reg Owen band that had a big hit in Britain in 1958 called ‘Manhatten Spiritual’.

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