Death at a Funeral


British comedies have always been a uneven affair with me. A lot of them just fall flat when I expect it to be so much better, for example: “A Fish called Wanda”. I usually check out reviews or IMDB before watching a British comedy to make sure it is really worth watching. I recently watched “Death at a Funeral” and it turned out to be an incredibly funny movie.

“Death at a Funeral” stars Matthew Macfayden as Daniel who is trying to keep order at his father’s funeral. He is dealing with the knowledge that his brother is more liked than he is and that everyone would rather have his brother deliver the eulogy than him. He is also trying to move out of his parents’ house and get a flat with his girlfriend. With all this a mysterious man played by Peter Dinklage arrives at the funeral to shake things up which results in a series of hilarious events that throws the funeral into chaos.

“Death at a Funeral” is funny from the very opening scene and does not let up till the end of the movie. The funniest moments happen with Peter Dinklage’s character and when Macfayden tries his hardest to prevent disasters that keep occurring during the reception. This movies takes black comedy to quite extremes and does a great job of not falling into overdone cliche trappings.

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