Monster’s Ball


When I first saw “Monster’s Ball” many years ago, I became totally absorbed in the plot and the great performance by Billy Bob Thornton. The interconnecting lives of the main characters created a feeling of suspense throughout the entire film; with the viewer desperately waiting to see if everything will eventually come to light. The film does a great job of holding off what the audience so desperately want to know until the very end of the film.

“Monsters Ball” stars Halle Berry as a struggling single mother who is raising her son while her husband is awaiting execution for killing a cop. Billy Bob Thornton plays a corrections officer who has a hand in executing Leticia’s husband. The two meet after a series of misfortunate events and develop a romantic relationship while struggling with their own demons.

Billy Bob Thornton does a tremendous job as a complex man that does not know how to think for himself due to his father’s overbearing presence. He feels he must live up to his father’s expectations and beliefs even though he does not believe in anything that his father believes. This realization comes when he starts dating Leticia (Berry) and the suicide of his son.

“Monster’s Ball” is a movie about many things: race relations, loneliness and moving beyond one’s inner demons. It is a movie that focuses on trying to get past the hurt and regrets that always seem to linger.


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