New Girl Season 1


I finally got around to watching Fox’s “New Girl” after many attempts at avoiding it. This avoidance being that I thought Zooey Deschanel would be terrible on it but I must admit now that I was wrong. Deschanel does a terrific job as the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Jess who wants to please everyone but always makes things either awkward or worse for everyone. Deschanel’s character finds an apartment with three guys after a terrible breakup with a cheating ex-boyfriend. She tries to get her life back on track and even tries to help her roommates out in the process which leads to her meddling in their affairs when they absolutely don’t want her to.

I am about more than halfway through the first season and I am already addicted to this show. There are many pop cultural references and hilarious words that the characters use that you can’t help but burst out laughing. Deschanel is definitely the main star of the show but the other actors steal the spotlight so often that you want to delve more into their comic adventures.

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