The Sweet Hereafter


Atom Egoyan’s “The Sweet Hereafter” is a film about loss and the grief that never leaves. A school bus accident results in the deaths of children in a small town in Canada. The parents of these children try to cope with their loss in various ways. A lawyer (Ian Holm) comes to town in order to get the parents to sue over grievances which causes a stir in the small community.

I checked out this film after reading many reviews about it and checking out an article that described it as one of the best Canadian films ever made. I had previously seen “Exotica” which was also directed by Atom Egoyan and was impressed by how great it was. This film however did not grab my attention as “Exotica” did. It seemed to drag in places and bored me somewhat. I liked the performances by Ian Holm and Bruce Greenwood but otherwise the movie fell flat for me. However, I do intend to watch all of Egoyan’s films in order to see how he does with other subject matters.

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