The Neighbourhood: I Love You


California band The Neighbourhood grabbed my attention when I first saw them open for Paul Banks a few years ago. Their sound which is a mixture of indie pop and hip hop had me hooked from the onset. Immediately after the show I researched the band and saw that they had a particular aestheic for everything they did. Their music videos are shot in black and white and their lyrics and sound is dark inclined.

The band’s debut album “I Love You” is a phenomenal album that displays singer Jesse Rutherford’s yearning vocals and the band’s great guitar work. The lyrics delve into topics of lost innocence, failed relationships and wanting to escape. The album as a whole has a dark tone that is more upbeat and fun than gloomy such as lead single “Sweater Weather”.

The best tracks on the record are “Alleyways”, “W.D.Y.W.F.M.?” and “Float”. Each track is sonically amazing especially with the shogaze-ish sound that encapsulates Jesse’s vocals. I have listened to this record countless times over the past few months and still can’t get enough of it.

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