The Horrible Crowes: Elsie


There are only a few musicians that have produced music that has shaped my life in some sort of form and Brian Fallon is chief among them. His music with The Gaslight Anthem showed me that there were still musicians out there making music that was real and honest. Their emphasis on the working class and everyday man connected with me and keeps me continuously coming back to their music. Every album is the better than the previous one while retaining the band’s soul-punk sound.

When I thought that there was nothing better than the music of The Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon and Ian Perkins release “Elsie” under the name of The Horrible Crowes back in 2011. This album of soulful gospel songs displayed the unlimited depths of Brian Fallon. The album as a whole is downbeat and filled with emotion as Fallon sings about failed/failing relationships and trying to show a lover how much more he can be on tracks ┬ásuch as “Ladykiller” and “Blood Loss”.

Every song on the album is pure perfection and to even try to point out a best track is impossible. Brian Fallon has created an album that is absolutely a masterpiece.

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