The Neighbourhood: The Love Collection EP


What can I say about The Neighbourhood that I haven’t stated before. This band is absolutely amazing. The California band released their debut album “I Love You” early last year and rounded out the year with an EP “The Love Collection”.

Where I thought the band couldn’t improve on their already stellar album, “The Love Collection” almost trumps it. The three song EP has the band pushing the boundaries of their music while retaining that dark atmospheric sound that drew me to them. “West Coast” opens the Ep with an ode to California and is a strictly hip hop song with a 90’s gangsta rap feel to it. The only problem I had with this track was the second verse of the song which felt cheesy and amateurish but otherwise the song is really catchy.

“No Grey” is the best track on the EP with its reverb guitars that give off a noirish feel to the song. Lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s voice flows over the excellent guitar work from Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels. The hip hop drumbeat is relentless as it mechanically pounds into your head.

“$ting” is also a great track on the EP with its subdued and minimalist sound. Rutherford languidly sings over the downbeat music as piano notes interplay with his voice.

“The Love Collection” is a fine example of a band who is pushing themselves musically and not settling for what they already know. 2014 looks to be the year of The Neighbourhood as they work on their anticipated sophomore album.

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