The Antlers: Burst Apart


Brooklyn-based band The Antlers seem to create the most endearing and emotionally responsive music from record to record. Each album focuses on a central theme whether it be death or fear and creates a tone that is equal parts gloomy and positively hopeful. The band’s 2011 album “Burst Apart” follows the same formula as the band’s previous records while also keeping you completely involved with each song.

The record opens with “I Don’t Want Love”, a song about not wanting to become vulnerable and deal with the many difficult facets of being in love. The music is very expansive with ringing guitars and a encircling wall of sound. Vocalist and guitarist Peter Silberman’s sings in a falsetto that is quite moving and reflective on what love brings to your doorstep.

The other standout tracks on the record are “Every Night My Teeth are Falling Out” and “Putting the Dog to Sleep”. The former is more upbeat and loud than other songs on the album with catchy guitar riffs and Silberman’s voice actually raising in scope. “Putting the Dog to Sleep” is a soul song with Silberman singing about death and not wanting to die alone. The song has a 60’s soul sound with a steady drumbeat and terse guitar chords.

I am a recent listener to The Antlers and have found another fine example of a band that is making music outside of the box while staying true to their own distinctive sound. “Burst Apart” is a record that tries to display the emotional intensity of our fears and wants while trying to stay hopeful.

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