Under the Skin trailer

Scarlett Johansson had a terrific year in 2013 with appearances in well-received films “Don Jon” and “Her”.  2014 also looks to be a year of more diverse roles for Johansson including upcoming film “Under the Skin”.

I watched the trailer for this film earlier today and was completely taken in by how little it states about the movie. The movie looks to be quite dark and intense especially the few scenes where Johansson’s character seems to be preying on the men she encounters. I like the dark look of Johansson’s character set against the night scenes. Her black hair seems to be very pronounced as if she is death herself.

“Under the Skin” is directed by Jonathan Glazer who also directed “Birth” which was creepy and dark in its own way. After watching the trailer for “Under the Skin” I can say without a doubt it will definitely have viewers captivated from beginning to end.

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