Husbands and Wives

Woody Allen was my favorite director while I was in high school where I saw several of his films on PBS and then started to buy all of his movies on DVD. Every single one of his films has stayed with me whether it is memorable line or a hilarious scene, I can remember vividly at least something from his movies.  His prolific output has been a source of amazement and inspiration to me.; he seems to have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

I watched “Husbands and Wives” a few weeks ago and I have to say this is one of Allens’s most underrated films. The movie revolves around two married couples Gabe  & Judy Roth (Allen and Mia Farrow) and Jack & Sally (Judy Davis and Sydney Pollack). Jack and Sally arrive at the Roth’s apartment for dinner and declare that they are separating which causes instant disruption for all parties. Judy is most affected by the news and begins to question her own marriage with Gabe.

Gabe who is a teacher shortly begins to find himself attracted to one of his students Rain (Juliette Lewis). Judy sets up Sally on a date with her coworker Michael (Liam Neeson) who Judy has developed feelings for. The couples each try to make sense of their lives while dealing with conflicting feelings about their own marriages.

Woody Allen has always had a keen eye for depicting complicated people who seem to not know what they want until it is too late or close to being so. The couples spend their time trying to figure out what is right for them but don’t find happiness in what they think is good for them.

This movie had a profound effect on me after I watched and I decided to watch/re-watch all of Woody Allen’s films and review them.

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