The Ice Storm

I finally checked out “The Ice Storm” today and I must say it is one of Ang Lee’s best films. The movie focuses on suburban boredom/unhappiness and sexuality. The film which stars Kevin Kline and Joan Allen as Ben and Elena Hood, a married couple that are beginning to lose interest in each other and start to seek out thrills outside of their marriage. Ben is having an affair with Janey (Sigournery Weaver) a married woman who no longer loves her husband.

The children of these unhappy couples are also beginning to explore their own sexuality. They try to curb their frustrations  by engaging in shoplifting and sex. Everything starts to unravel for everyone as they start to see that what they really want is what they have already.

Kevin Kline’s performance as a dissatisfied husband is one of the best attributes about this film. He is constantly shunned when he is trying to have sex with his wife and is even pushed away from Janey when he starts to discuss his marital problems. He tries to be the cool dad to his kids who are going through their own issues.

“The Ice Storm” is a movie that tries to show people who feel that their lives are incomplete taking drastic measures to fill that void. These measures that have irreversible consequences.

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