Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” is a remarkable film that showcases a different side of Bill Murray that critics and fans have never seen. The movie also pushed Coppola into the spotlight with its funny and introspective moments which garnered her a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award.

“Lost in Translation” is about Bob Harris (Bill Murray) a middle-aged actor who goes to Japan to film a commercial. Harris is unhappy with the path that his career has taken and also feels like a stranger at home with his family. One day he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) a young woman who has come to Japan with her photographer boyfriend (Giovanni Ribisi). Charlotte is lonely and spends a lot of her time touring Japan by herself. She finds in Bob a fellow outsider that leads to a burgeoning friendship.

Bill Murray as Bob Harris is one of his best performances in his career. Bob is a man who feels like he is selling out in favor of money over dignity. When Bob is performing during a commercial you can see just how unhappy he is even though he tries his best to pretend that he is having a good time. He is drawn to Charlotte’s quiet and introverted personality which has him thinking about the choices he has made in his life.

I thought this film was really entertaining and moving from start to finish. Both of the main characters are beginning to question what they want for their lives independent of ties to other people. They both feel lost and unappreciated by their significant others and think that staying in Japan would help to solve a lot of their issues.

After watching this film I decided to revisit all of Sofia Coppola’s films and pay more closer attention to her directing abilities. Next up is the 2010 film “Somewhere”.

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