Prince Avalanche

Director David Gordon Green completely blew me away when I saw his film “All the Real Girls” a few years ago. The setting as well as the performances by Zooey Deschanel and Paul Schneider was quite something to behold. After watching this terrific film I ventured to see all of Green’s films. I saw “George Washington” which was another great film with the setting being significantly important to the film as a whole. I also watched “Pineapple Express” which was much more comedic than Green’s previous films and turned James Franco into an emerging star.

“Prince Avalanche” stars Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch as two men who are spending their summer repainting traffic lines on a highway after a wildfire. Alvin (Rudd) is serious and introspective where Lance (Hirsch) is vain and dim-witted. Alvin is in a serious relationship with Lance’s sister and spends his time learning German for a trip that the two are planning to take there. Lance is anxious to get back to the city and hang out with the many girls that he has his mind set on. The two begin to learn much more about each other as they realize that life isn’t as easy as you hope it to be.

This film turned out to be rather disappointing to me. I was really expecting so much more from it. The performances were good but the plot of the film completely veered off towards the end. Instead of providing some insight to the two characters it ends with a letdown. I was actually surprised by how frustrating it was to latch onto the characters or even have any relationship to them. They were completely void of any true meaning.

Green did a good job with the setting as always but the overall plot of the film just doesn’t hold up hopefully his next film proves to be much more.

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