David Schwimmer’s “Trust” is a movie that shows both the lost of innocence and the vulnerability of children. “Trust” stars Liana Liberato as Annie a 14 year old girl who has an online relationship with a boy her age in California named Charlie. She slowly begins to fall for Charlie as she gets to know him during their daily chats online.

One day Charlie tells her that he is in fact 20 years old and this causes a moment’s pause for Annie but she continues the friendship anyway. A few days later Charlie tells her that he is 25 years old and is in grad school, this upsets Annie which leads to Charlie calling her and trying to smooth things by telling her that he wants to meet her. They set up a date to meet when Annie’s parents take her older brother to college.

When Annie meets Charlie she finds out that he is in fact a middle-aged man. Charlie is able to convince Annie to stay and spend the day with him. She does and when Charlie presents her with lingerie they head back to his hotel room. Charlie coaxes Annie into having sex with him which she does not want to do. Afterwards Annie heads home and tries to get in contact with Charlie who doesn’t answer any of her messages. Annie’s friend notifies their guidance counselor about Annie’s meeting with Charlie which causes her unaware parents to enlist the help of an FBI agent to track down Charlie.

“Trust” does a great job of showing the lost of control and helplessness of the parents’ of Annie. They are both trying their best in their own ways of protecting their daughter. The father wants to track down Charlie and kill him and goes on a escapade to find him. Annie’s mother tries to keep the family together by understanding what her daughter is going through.

What stands out most of all in this movie is Liana Liberato’s performance as Annie. Annie is very trusting and even after her meeting with Charlie she still believes that he loves her and wants to be together. She fights her parents and everyone else who tells her differently. When the realization that she was tricked hits her its a very emotionally moving moment for the viewer as they watch her breakdown.

“Trust” is one of the best films I have seen in a while. David Schwimmer does a terrific job of showing the fragility of children and the demons that prey upon them.

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