90’s Nostalgia: The House of Yes

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I have been on this binge of Parker Posey films after reading an article that described as the “Queen of Indies”. I set it upon myself to watch some of her films to get a better idea of her as an actress. The film “The House of Yes” definitely showcases her acting ability in a very disturbing but hilarious film.

“The House of Yes” is about a pair of siblings Jackie-O (Posey) and Marty Pascal (Josh Hamilton) who have a very complicated relationship. Jackie-O is a mentally unbalanced woman who thinks of herself as Jackie Kennedy. She emulates her mannerisms as well as the way that she dresses. Their younger brother Anthony (Freddy Prinze Jr.) spends his time trying to keep Jackie-O happy and calm especially after a horrible incident where she hurt Marty.

Marty who has been away from home for a while arrives with the news that he is engaged to Lesly (Tori Spelling). This causes disruption in the entire family especially for Jackie-O who is in love with Marty.

While watching this movie my eyes were glued to the screen. I was so hooked by the total ridiculousness of Jackie-O’s infatuation with her own brother as well as their dysfunctional family. The one irritating thing about the film was Tori Spelling whose performance was absolutely terrible. Spelling’s Lesly is so naive and accommodating that it is really sickening to see. The film could have been better without Spelling who hurts this film.

Otherwise “The House of Yes” is quite interesting and funny with its dark subject matter. Parker Posey’s performance alone is worth watching.

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