90’s Nostalgia: Pete Rock & CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

For the longest time I have been listening to “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” and I had no idea that the song was by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The song came to my attention when I heard it in a basketball video game. I believe it was NBA Street. The horns from that song is instantly recognizable.

There are so many arguments nowadays about how better hip hop from the 90’s is better in comparison to today’s music. I have become neutral on that argument because I believe there is some good hip hop artists today that are making great music. But I do have to say “T.R.O.Y.” definitely qualifies as one of hip hop’s stellar tracks that will be timeless.


90’s Nostalgia: Blink 182- What’s My Age Again?

I joined the Blink-182 bandwagon way later than a majority of my friends. I didn’t get into pop punk until my late teens to my own detriment. Green Day was the first band that introduced me to this burgeoning genre. I spent an entire summer devouring as much pop punk bands that I could including New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, and The Starting Line.

But out of all of these bands none compared to Blink-182. Their raucous humor and very catchy songs instantly made me a devout fan. Their string of hit songs lasted for quite some time with “What’s My Age Again?” being one of their most popular especially with a memorable music video. Check it out above.

Nelly: Ride Wit Me

When Nelly first came onto the hip hop scene he instantly became a success story. His first album “Country Grammar” reached platinum status very quickly with hits such as “Country Grammar” and “E.I.”. That album served as a soundtrack to my summer back in 2000. Many nights were spent digesting his lyrics and trying to know every song by heart. I bought a copy a week after it came out. I remember the amount of people who started wearing bandaid strips on their cheeks after Nelly came out. It became a fashion trend that took a while to die down.

But out of all of Nelly’s music no song stands out more than “Ride Wit Me”. When I first heard this song I was instantly hooked. It is one of the most laid-back tracks I have ever heard especially in hip hop. The chorus is quite catchy and smooth with Nelly singing. It is a perfect song for the approaching summer. Check it out.

90’s Nostalgia: Oasis- Wonderwall

The first time I listened to Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, I was living on the East Coast at the time and had to be no older than nine. I remember hearing this song and instantly being hooked by its emotionalism. At first I thought the song was by Third Eye Blind until I discovered that it was actually Oasis.

It took me a while to really listen to Oasis’ discography after that, matter of fact almost ten years. Of course after hearing their albums I wanted to see them live but the band had already disbanded by then and I was at a complete lost.  But I still hold out the hope that they will reunite.

The Roots: When The People Cheer

The Roots have always been one of my favorite hip hop groups. I’ve listened to their songs sporadically over the past few years and each time they keep me coming back for more. Rapper Black Thought is one of the most lyrically gifted rappers of all time. Many times his verses completely catch you off-guard to which you have to rewind the song to make sure you fully grasp what he just said.

To this day I still believe that “Things Fall Apart” is one of their best albums with its diverse and eclectic songs. This album completely displayed just how underrated The Roots truly are.

Their new record entitled “…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin” will be released on Monday and their first single from the album “When The People Cheer” is another hit from the band.

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Hawk Highway (live)

With the news that Cymbals Eat Guitars is finally releasing their third album in August entitled “Lose”, my wait is over. I have literally been waiting for any new material from them for the past few years. I became  an instant fan of this band after listening to their album “Lenses Alien”. From the opening track to the end the album is excellent; not a single song can be skipped. I have listened to this album on repeat so many times that I couldn’t listen to anything but it for months. No other music compared.

Back in 2012, the band released the single “Hawk Highway” that further increased the hype surrounding the band. The song is very atmospheric with echoing guitars and a steady bass line. In the video above the band performs a great rendition of it live.


90’s Nostalgia: LL Cool J- Doin’ It

I came across this classic a few days ago and I knew that I had to post it on this blog. As a child I thought LL Cool J was the man. He had his own tv show and was making good music. I remember emulating his style with the one sweatpants leg rolled up.

LL Cool J’s best album was 1995’s “Mr. Smith” which had a number of popular singles including “Doin’ It”. This song which clearly implies what it sounds like is surprisingly not that graphic in comparison to today’s hip hop. The music video is actually very stylish with an assortment of vibrant colors. Check it out.