Inside Llewyn Davis

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The Coen Brothers always find a way to surprise me from film to film. The first movie I saw of theirs was “Fargo” and after watching that incredible movie I had to see their other films. “Miller’s Crossing” is definitely ranked as one of their greatest films in my opinion.

I had a chance to watch “Inside Llewyn Davis” a few days ago and I am shocked by how emotional and deeply moving this film is. I was expecting a formulaic Hollywood film but boy was I in for an awakening.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” stars Oscar Issac as Llewyn Davis, a struggling folk singer in 1960’s New York. Llewyn spends his time crashing on friends’ couches as he tries to find gigs. He slept with his friend Jim Berkey’s (Justin Timberlake) wife Jean (Carey Mulligan) who confesses to Llewyn that she is pregnant. Llewyn struggles with this news as he heads out on a road trip to play for a record producer.

This movie shows the hardship of trying to obtain one’s dreams or following one’s passion. Llewyn’s friends and sister tells him to just get a real job to support himself to which he vehemently tells them that he cannot stop. The best line in the film is when Llewyn is talking to his sister and tells her that he doesn’t want to just exist. He wants to do what he feels is the only thing worth doing in life: music.

One of the remarkable things about this film is the cinematography and the mood throughout the film. There is a sense of melancholy from the beginning to the end of the film especially in comparison with the gray color that permeates the film. The winter season also provides a stark and cold presence that Llewyn is also fighting against. He is trying desperately to survive musically.

Overall, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is one of the best films of 2013. The Coen Brothers manage to make a movie about the need to follow one’s passion in the face of constant adversity. It has definitely entered my top ten list of greatest movies ever.

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