90’s Nostalgia: Puff Daddy feat. Mase- Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

I remember vividly when I was third grade and one of my friends had asked me if I knew who Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy were. I told him that they were from the Goldilocks fairytale to which I was ridiculed for some time. I had honestly thought that they were the names of the bears from that story.

So I set out to investigate who these people were and I discovered hip hop music. Before that the only music I listened to in my household was reggae and soul music. I had no idea that this music existed. I instantly became a fan of Puff Daddy who I thought was just amazing at the time. Plus the addition of music videos really sparked my interest in hearing more of this genre.

“Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” has since gone on to become a classic from the 90’s hip hop scene. Mase who was at his peak delivers his verses in his trademark slow flow. The music video is actually comical to watch in today’s timeframe but still enjoyable.

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