90’s Nostalgia: Gattaca

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When I first saw “Gattaca” I was actually disturbed by this movie. I thought that the prospect of what kind of life you would have being determined simply by genetics was a sorry state of affairs. I re-watched this film a few days ago and I definitely have a better opinion of it now.

“Gattaca” is about Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) a natural born man who dreams of going to space. As a child Vincent suffers from many illnesses and is deemed a weak child in comparison to his brother Anton who was born from genetic selection. The two compete against each other regularly to which Anton always prevails. But one day Vincent saves Anton from drowning during a swimming race.

When Vincent grows up he leaves home in order to make his own path in the world. Vincent finds himself working at a space station as a janitor where his dream of going to space is so much closer. In order to join the elite pilots, Vincent takes on the identity of Jerome Morrow (Jude Law) a genetically superior man who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Vincent does everything in his power not to get exposed while trying to catch the eye of Irene (Uma Thurman) a fellow student.

This movie turned out to be more interesting the second time watching it. I liked how the film has a neo-noir like feel to it especially when Vincent tries to escape discovery. The cast is also quite great especially Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman who show the frailty of being human in comparison to their genetically enhanced counterparts.


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