Nelly: Ride Wit Me

When Nelly first came onto the hip hop scene he instantly became a success story. His first album “Country Grammar” reached platinum status very quickly with hits such as “Country Grammar” and “E.I.”. That album served as a soundtrack to my summer back in 2000. Many nights were spent digesting his lyrics and trying to know every song by heart. I bought a copy a week after it came out. I remember the amount of people who started wearing bandaid strips on their cheeks after Nelly came out. It became a fashion trend that took a while to die down.

But out of all of Nelly’s music no song stands out more than “Ride Wit Me”. When I first heard this song I was instantly hooked. It is one of the most laid-back tracks I have ever heard especially in hip hop. The chorus is quite catchy and smooth with Nelly singing. It is a perfect song for the approaching summer. Check it out.

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