Flying Lotus: Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus first came to my attention last year when friends of mine kept telling me just how amazing his music is. I finally had a chance to check it out and I am really impressed by what he has done. His last album “Unit the Quiet Comes” is a diverse album which is hard to categorize. There is jazz, hip hop, and electronica influences throughout.

One of the best songs on the album is “Tiny Tortures”. It is a downbeat track that gradually descends. The music video features Elijah Wood as a man with one arm whose environment recreates his lost arm. Check it out.


Disclosure: Latch feat. Sam Smith

I find myself listening to a lot of club music over the past few days which has finally led me to electronic duo Disclosure. I am unfamiliar with the burgeoning UK garage music scene that has become quite popular over the past few years but I am now officially a fan of Disclosure.

Their debut album “Settle” is one of the best dance albums I have heard in a long time. This is coming from a guy who used to listen to a lot of Basement Jaxx on constant repeat. “Settle” has some amazing features from artists like Ed Macfarlane and Sasha Keable. The best track on the record “Latch” features overnight sensation Sam Smith. Smith’s vocals compliments the steadily rising beat that builds throughout the song. Check it out.

JD McPherson: Abigail Blue

I’ve been following JD McPherson for about two years now after listening to his debut album “Signs and Signifiers”. His music which draws upon 1950’s rock and roll and rhythm & blues caught me instantly. I spent an entire summer listening to his music and rediscovering artists from the 50’s and 60’s in the same musical vein.

“Abigail Blue” is McPherson’s most recent single that has one of the best basslines I have ever heard. McPherson’s soulful voice is a wonder to behold. Check it out.


Interpol: All The Rage Back Home

About a month and a half ago I found out that Interpol was releasing a new album this year. Interpol has been my favorite band since their debut album which I have listened to at least once a week since I first heard it many years ago. Their intricate guitar work and melancholic sound completely changed my life and now I always go back to their music for inspiration.

Interpol’s new album “El Pintor” will be released in September and the first single from that record is “All The Rage Back Home” which is a return to form as the band draw forth on their initial blended post-punk guitar sound. Check it out.

Wavves: That’s On Me

Last year after Wavves’ “Afraid of Heights” came out I spent an entire summer listening to it continuously. The album was a drastic change from their third album “King of the Beach”. The songs on the new record were more mature and polished but still retaining that surf-pop sound that the band has become known for.

There are many great songs on the record but ‘That’s On Me’ stands out to me the most. It is has a surf rock riff and gets louder towards the middle of the song. The music video for the song is both disturbing and creepy with a samurai sword wielding man who chops into bottles of soda and a hanging pig. Cheerleaders also gorge on pork ribs in a disgusting way. Check it out.