12 Years A Slave

I have been a fan of director Steve McQueen after watching his 2011 film “Shame”. The movie which stars Michael Fassbender as a man with a sexual addiction instantly captivated me with its moving portrayal of a man who is unable to confront his demons. I watched McQueen’s first film “Hunger” a short while after and was also impressed. The movie also stars Fassbender.

It took me some time to watch “12 Years A Slave”, a lot of it had to do with the publicity surrounding it and McQueen branching out to a major studio film production. I guess I wanted him to stay low-key which is selfish of me to say but I didn’t want him to become roped into Hollywood movies.

After watching this film however, I am still reminded why I admire McQueen. His ability to draw forth intense performances from his actors as well as emotional vulnerabilities is quite fascinating.  Lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofor holds nothing back as Solomon Northup a free man who is sold into slavery and endures countless brutalities until his eventual release from slavery’s hold.

I have to say the best part of this film would have to be Michael Fassbender’s performance as the evil plantation owner Edward Epps. This was the first time I saw Fassbender play the main villain and I have to say he does a tremendous job portraying a man without any humanity. The overall movie is beautifully shot and showcases amazing performances by the cast and I am anxiously awaiting what McQueen will do next.

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