Over the Top

Recently I have been watching nothing but bad movies. When I say “bad movies” I don’t mean movies that were made intentionally to be bad such as Sharknado, I mean movies that are absolutely horrendous. After watching several of these movies I felt that I had to write about them on here.

The first movie I watched was Sylvester Stallone’s “Over the Top” which was released in 1987. It stars Stallone as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who is trying to connect with his son Michael who he does not know. Michael who was raised by his rich mother and grandfather does not like his father and treats him as an inferior. Michael hilariously delivers several lectures to Lincoln in the beginning of the movie that makes you feel as if Michael is the adult in this relationship. Throughout the movie there are several scenes where father and son try to connect through exercising that is cringe-worthy. Hawk’s truck is fitted with a weight lifting machine that he uses when on long drives. The preposterous nature of this machine being fitted into the truck makes any viewer shake their head.

The terribleness continues with several individuals that Hawk meets in bars that challenge him to an arm wrestling contest. The one-liners and overly aggressive machismo attitudes is very funny. The challengers all have these wild man look about them and say things like “I am going to destroy you”. The knowledge that they are competing in an arm wrestling contest does not to seem to register to them. This is not an Olympic sport or life changing event but arm wrestling.

Stallone who has never been much of an actor delivers very cheesy lines to his son with a straight face. There is one scene where Hawk tells Michael that if he gets tired he could use his shoulder as a pillow. The line and Stallone’s delivery of it is definitely one of the worst lines put to paper. The ending of the film is literally “over the top” and very terrible with a scene of brute force and the complete bond of father and son.

When I was younger I saw “Over the Top” and liked it because I didn’t know any better but now that I do it is most assuredly one of the worst movies ever made.

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