Tycho: L (live)

I just discovered the magnificent Tycho and I am hooked. I have been searching for more downbeat instrumental music to listen to this fall and Tycho completely hits the mark. His new album “Awake” is a relaxing and refreshing record that showcases Tycho’s brilliance for danceable and chill songs. “L” is one of the best […]

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Two Night Stand (trailer)

Miles Teller’s career has really begun to take off. After stellar performances in “The Spectacular Now” and “Rabbit Hole”,  he has a series of movies coming out this year and lined up next year including the “Fantastic Four” reboot. His next film to hit theaters is “Two Night Stand”. “Two Night Stand” is a romantic […]

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James Blake: Life Round Here (live)

I’ve been listening to a lot of James Blake lately and he keeps surprising me by just how good a musician he is.  His second album “Overgrown” is a melancholy soulful record that holds your attention from start to finish. The varied music production is something to behold with its post-dubstep sound and alternative R&B […]

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