Black Dynamite review


I saw “Black Dynamite” yesterday for the second time and it is literally one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. “Black Dynamite” stars Michael Jai White as the eponymous character whose younger brother is killed in a street deal and he seeks out to avenge his murder. The movie makes use of blaxploitation tropes and stereotypes. There are several scenes where racial slurs are thrown out at random and women strut around naked.

Michael Jai White does a great job as a man who does not break or bend for any corruption from anyone. He believes it is his right to do battle with anyone that does not do the right thing. In the film he takes on many foes including the Mob, Chinese ninjas, drug dealers, CIA and the President of the United States. Black Dynamite does not take any bull crap from anyone.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Black Dynamite goes into battle with President Nixon. Nixon is the only one who finally lands a blow on Black Dynamite where everyone else is incapable. Black Dynamite delivers a no-nonsense buttkicking to the President and smoothly walks out of the White House.

In this movie there are a bunch of actors that you will recognize from the 90’s playing various characters that help and inhibit Black Dynamite. Tommy Davidson plays a small-time pimp that helps Black Dynamite on his crusade for justice and Arsenio Hall plays an old-time pimp who wants all pimps to organize.

“Black Dynamite” is a hilarious film that satirizes an over the top genre. ┬áIt is completely aware of itself and pokes fun at that.

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