The Machine

I have been watching non-stop science fiction movies over the past few weekends after watching “Interstellar” in theaters. I have been actually surprised by the amount of great and interesting sci-fi movies that are out there. One of these recent discoveries is “The Machine” which was written by director Caradog W. James and which I was absolutely blown away by it.

“The Machine” stars Toby Stephens as Vincent McCarthy a scientist who works with cybernetics and who is also trying to develop a cure for his sick daughter. He meets a young scientist named Ava (Caity Lotz) who has developed an engaging artificial intelligence program that also has acquired a conscious. One day Ava and Vincent are assaulted by a Chinese agent sent by the leader of their corporation Thompson. Thier encounter results in Ava getting killed. Vincent decides to replicate Ava by using artificial intelligence. This results in a new Ava that is called The Machine.¬†Things start to change for both Vincent and the Machine when she starts to develop morals and begins to think for herself.

“The Machine” does a great job at displaying the world that the characters inhabit. It is a very dark and menacing world where people are used as guinea pigs for scientific tests then discarded after they complete their assignments. Vincent is tired of the constant misuse of people and the isolation that comes from his job and the constant surveillance that everyone is under. His only hope is finding a cure for his daughter and his feelings for the Machine’s well-being.

The CGI used in the film is also something to pay attention to. There are many visual scenes that showcase the technology being used to create these robots and artificial beings.

Overall, “The Machine” is a great film that delves into the discussion of what consciousness signifies as well as what constitutes being human. The differences between artificial intelligence and “humanness” creates an interesting film that tries to show what can be accomplished.

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