The Handsome Family: The Bottomless Hole

Recently I have been listening to a lot of alternative country and I came across The Handsome Family who have garnered a significant amount of attention due to True Detective where there song ” Far from Any Road” is the theme song. This husband and wife duo specialize in dark Americana and they do it quite well.

“The Bottomless Hole” is one of those melancholy and dark songs that really gets your attention immediately. Check it out above.


Calexico: Splitter

I have been feeling rather nostalgic for California and Nevada over the past few weeks and this led me to the band Calexico. Calexico specialize in desert noir which only partly defines the band music. Their songs are wistful, brooding, and atmospheric. It distinctly evokes the Western states especially the desert surroundings.

“Splitter” is one of their most popular songs with its quick tempo and anthemic lyrics. Check it out.

Built to Spill: Goin’ Against Your Mind

Today I found out that Built to Spill will be releasing their new album “Untethered Moon” in April. It has been six years since the band has released a record and I have been waiting for a while for new material from them. I find it rather interesting that both Modest Mouse and Built to Spill are releasing a new album this year after quite a hiatus. These two staples in indie rock are making 2015 a year to watch.

In the meanwhile here is a great song by Built to Spill entitled “Goin’ Against Your Mind”. Check it out.

Balmorhea: BowSprit

I discovered the song after watching the southern gothic show “Rectify” and it fit so perfectly with the series that I had to check out the band. Balmorhea are a post-rock band from Austin, Texas that have been together since 2006. They have released five albums to date.

“BowSprit” is a song of intense dynamics with violins playing ferociously away as guitars resonate behind it. Check it out.

Tom Waits: It’s Over

It’s late at night and I am doing a little writing and just when I feel like I can’t find the perfect song to give me just the right amount of atmosphere I stumbled across this gem. Tom Waits has always and will continue to be an enigma to me. I just can’t figure the guy out but his music always leaves me wanted more.

“It’s Over” is a melancholic jazz number that shows Waits at his most best. ┬áCheck it out.