Ben Nichols: Tobin

In my opinion Ben Nichols is one of the most underrated singer-songwriter of his generation. He has continuously made music filled with deep feeling and reflection. There hasn’t been a Lucero song that I haven’t liked. Ben Nichols solo album “The Last Pale Light in the West” is definitely a masterpiece and one of the best songs on an album of memorable songs is “Tobin”. The song has a more upbeat and quick pace than the other songs on the album. Check it out above.


The Marketts: Here Comes the Ho-Dads

I recently watched “Inherent Vice” which wa not only a great movie but also had a tremendous soundtrack.  I’ve been steadily listening to the soundtrack over the past few days and one of the best songs is “Here Comes the Ho-Dads” from The Marketts.  This 60’s surf rock/soul song is quite catchy with its vibrant horn and in the background surf riff. Check it out above.

A Tribe Called Quest: Buggin Out

Lately I’ve been on this 90’s trip where everything from hip hop to grunge rock has been playing in my house. With De La Soul coming through the speakers I had to eventually get to A Tribe Called Quest. I did not know how much projects and songs Q-Tip produced and made guest appearances on until I started to see him pop up in many music videos during the early 90s.

“Buggin Out” is still my favorite song from A Tribe Called Quest. The bass guitar in that song gets me everytime with its easygoing jazz sound. Check it out.

De La Soul: Stakes is High

I have been slowly listening to all of De La Soul’s music after many years of stating that I am going to really check them out. I feel like I am decades late on discovering just how amazing this trio is. Their music is deeply lyrical and understated in the messages they are trying to convey.

Where on “3 Feet High and Rising” they were comical but insightful, on “Stakes on High” the group have really stepped up not only their lyrics but their production. The title track states how much hip hop culture has changed which is even current in today’s world where hip hip is no longer original but copycatted. Check out the music video above which has the group on a Maury Povich show.

Tyler, the Creator: F*cking Young

I became a fan of Tyler, the Creator last year when I really started to listen to his music. Yes, it is both offensive and ridiculous but also catchy and interesting. I have seen many interviews by him and he truly is a smart kid that is involved with a lot of different things including: fashion, television, directing and now mobile apps. I think sooner than later he is going to make a feature length film that is going to make the world rethink how they view him.

Tyler released the single “Fucking Young” off of his new album “Cherry Bomb” and it is hilarious with an accompanying video that is true Tyler with its off the wall humor and fun loving attitude. Check it out above.

Charles Mingus: Haitian Fight Song

I recently watched Chris Rock’s “Top Five” which is his best film to date and Charles Mingus’ ‘Haitian Fight Song” played constantly throughout it and I felt like I had to post it on this site. This song has one of the best sax sound and playing in jazz. The song creates a feeling of tension and growing anxiety with its loud and intense sound. Check it out.