Mobb Deep: Everyday Gunplay

Mobb Deep has always been one of my favorite rap groups. I had all of their albums when I was in high school and would listen to them on daily basis. They always presented themselves as street storytellers who weren’t afraid to talk about the gritty and harsh life of the urban jungle. Havoc’s dark and terse beats always matched Prodigy’s direct flow. The group will always be remembered for their classic song ” Shook Ones Pt. II” which is still being rapped over till today. Their best albums “The Infamous” and “Hell On Earth” are records that will never fade.

“Everyday Gunplay” has more laidback beat then a lot of Mobb Deep’s work but still discussing life in the urban community. Check it out above.


Grateful Dead: Me and My Uncle

It has been a while since I last listened to Grateful Dead. Their music always evoked a feeling of traveling and restlessness especially their jam sessions. They are known for their tremendous live performances and “Me and My Uncle” showcases the band’s amazing musicality. Check it out above.

Nas: One Love

Nas is the lyrical poet of hip hop with his stories about urban life in New York. Ever since he came on the scene in 1994 he has put out music that is both engaging and thoughtful. In my opinion he is the best rapper ever in hip hop and he has proven it time after time with his phenomenal albums.

From his debut masterpiece album “Illmatic” Nas delivers a storytelling song in “One Love” where he talks to his friends and peers who are locked up in jail. Check it out above.

Algiers: Black Eunuch

Algiers hails from Atlanta Georgia and that deep South music definitely presents itself in their music but with a mix of post-punk and industrial. The band is fronted by lead singer/guitarist Franklin James Fisher who howls from song to song his feelings on modern times. “Black Eunuch” is one song that shows that unique blend the band has for gospel and post-punk with its use of harmony and shoegaze guitars. Check it out above.

Lucero: Other Side of Lonesome

I cannot wait till Lucero releases their new album this fall. After hearing a song from the record two weeks ago I know its going to be quite amazing. Until then I have been listening to the band’s entire discography and have come across songs that I missed the first time. “Other Side of Lonesome” has Ben Nichols pouring his soul out to a waiting lover as he traverses those lonesome roads. Rick Steff joins him on the accordion. Check it out above.

PUP: Guilt Trip

PUP literally came out of nowhere with a stellar debut album that is sure to become a staple in punk rock many years from now. The band which hails from Canada play with limitless energy that carries each and every song with its explosive crescendo.

One of their best songs is “Guilt Trip” with its fast paced tempo and screeching riffs. Lead singer/guitarist Stefan BabCock shouts good riddance to an ex that has left. Check it out above.