The Story So Far: Heavy Gloom

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon looking for new pop-punk and post-hardcore bands that I haven’t heard before. There was quite a lot of bands that I couldn’t listen to for long due to their adolescent lyrics that no longer suit me. I finally came across The Story So Far and I have to […]

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The Hives: 1000 Answers

During the early 2000s when garage rock and post-punk revival became very popular The Hives were one of the bands that burst onto the scene with their energetic mix of these two genres. Their loud sound and fast guitars made the band an act to see live. One of their best songs is “1000 Answers” […]

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Willis Earl Beal: Too Dry to Cry

Willis Earl Beal is one of those soul singers that can leave you completely devastated by how powerful their music is. Beal lets it all on the line with his song “Too Dry to Cry”. The songs features a slow blues riff, a marching drumbeat and atmospheric sounds throughout; Beal’s voice soars over it all. […]

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Blu & Exile: Maybe one day

I recently discovered Blu & Exile and I am completely hooked on their laidback sound. Blu is a phenomenal rapper and has developed quite a following since the album “Below the Heavens”. He has released countless mixtapes and albums since then that shows that Blu is not going to be stopping anytime soon. “Maybe one […]

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Power Season 1

When I first heard about “Power” and that 50 Cent was producing it I was skeptical. I thought that it would be completely ridiculous and cheesy and utter garbage. However, after finishing Season 1 I have to bite my words. The show has really caught my attention and now I am hooked; waiting week to […]

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Alice in Chains: Would?

Alice in Chains help to foster a new movement in grunge music. Their dark lyrics and heavy songs helped the band to develop a style and tone that has continued to last till this day. With the passing of Layne Staley the band refocused its vocal duties to include William Duvall. The band is currently […]

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The Weeknd: Often

The Weeknd has been having a very remarkable year especially after providing the hit song for the film “50 Shades of Grey”. He has been on a roll with constant hits on mainstream radio including “The Hills” and “Often”. “Often” is true to the Weeknd’s music style and lyricism; eroticism and drug filled sexual encounters. […]

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A$AP Rocky feat. Bones: Canal St.

A$AP Rocky has released his best album to date with “At.Long.Last.ASAP”. The album blends psychedelia, indie rock and cloudrap production and it all fits well with Rocky’s slow flow. One of the best tracks on the album is “Canal St.” which features the prolific Bones. ┬áThe beat is slowed down and minimal. Check it out […]

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