The Lives of Others

I like to constantly harp upon to everyone I know about serious movies that are worth watching over the drivel that is coming out of Hollywood. One of those serious movies that I saw recently was “The Lives of Others”. This film has been circling around my head for a while until I finally had […]

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James Hunter: Watch & Chain

James Hunter is one of those unique soul singers who is constantly flying under the radar. His music is rooted in 60’s soul with a modern twist that has many followers traveling the same path including Leon Bridges. ¬†Hunter has not gained much mainstream attention but manages to churn out amazing music continuously while touring […]

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Lucero: Anjalee

I had the opportunity to see Lucero live for the first time last week. I caught a snippet of them back in 2011 at Warped Tour but I ignored them in favor of Hellogoodbye. Now that I know better I hope to see them whenever they come into town. “Anjalee” is one of the band’s […]

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Shakey Graves: If Not For You

I first heard about Shakey Graves last year and have been following him ever since. His music is in the same vein as Two Gallants and Benjamin Booker with its folk blues influences. Shakey’s guitar playing is absolutely impeccable especially on “If Not For You”. Check it out above.

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Radiohead: All I Need (live)

I have been revisiting Radiohead’s discography the past few days and I am discovering just how much I love their music. Each record a complete opposite of the one before it. Always experimental and pushing the limits of what they create it is not hard to see why Radiohead is the best band in the […]

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The Piano Teacher

I had heard about Michael Haneke’s “The Piano Teacher” many years ago and finally had a chance to watch it. The movie turned out to be more than what I expected. I thought the movie was going to be a chore to get through and would move at a glacial pace but man was I […]

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