The Lives of Others

I like to constantly harp upon to everyone I know about serious movies that are worth watching over the drivel that is coming out of Hollywood. One of those serious movies that I saw recently was “The Lives of Others”. This film has been circling around my head for a while until I finally had the chance to watch it and I must say it is one of the best films I have ever seen.

“The Lives of Others” is about Gerd Weisler a Stasi captain in East Germany during the year 1984. He is a great interrogator who prides himself on always finding spies or traitors who are working in support of West Germany. One day he takes it upon himself to spy upon Georg Dreyman, a playwright, who he believes is working for the West. However Weisler begins to develop mixed feelings about Dreyman and his girlfriend after listening in on their intimate conversations. His actions lead to dire consequences that affect everyone in involved.

“The Lives of Others” completely moved me with its absorbing plot and superb acting by its cast. The characters are all wrestling with morality ad doing the right thing even it costs them heavily. No one leaves unscathed.

This film had me thinking for days about how these types of films would fare in today’s world. It probably would not receive any attention and would not be seen by contemporary moviegoers but for few that actually seek it out. It is a¬†shame but hopefully a return to meaningful films will come forth.

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