Chet Baker: Summertime

Chet Baker has always been one of my favorite jazz musicians. His relaxed and melancholy music instantly puts your restless spirit at ease. His trumpet playing is only matched by his wistful vocals that have produced critically acclaimed albums.

“Summertime” is a great cover by Baker. Just as John Coltrane and Paul Desmond have done their own interpretation of this song Baker puts his easygoing style to it. Check it out above.


Beach House: Heart of Chambers

With the news that Beach House just released two albums this year I felt that I had to revisit the band’s discography. There are many bands fronted by female vocalists that I like including The Organ and Dum Dum Girls but Beach House really stands out to me the most. Victoria Legrand’s voice is simply beautiful and reels you in. Their dream pop sound creates a certain atmosphere when you listen to them.

“Heart of Chambers” is one of my favorite songs from the band. I like the hazy guitar riff and Legrand’s ethereal vocals on this track. Check it out above.

Leon Bridges: Better Man

R&B music has changed drastically over the past few decades. Some say for the worst while others completely enjoy it. I on the other hand have mixed feelings about it. I still think R. Kelly is one of the best to ever do it with his graphic but sometimes moving music. No one can match D’Angelo in my opinion with Maxwell being a distant second but their music is vastly different than what is currently on the radio.

That classic R&B/soul feel is still being produced by a handful of artists which include Leon Bridges. Bridges revitalizes the R&B genre with his soulful and romantic lyrics. His backing band provides live instrumentals to a wonderful sound. “Better Man” is a song about a man trying desperately to make up for past deeds with his lover. Check it out above.

The Intermission Project: Winter Snow

I discovered The Intermission Project quite recently during a writing session that featured YouTube videos playing in the background. This English folk band are quite young but their music speaks from old souls with something deep to say.

” Winter Snow” features lead vocalist Jim Rubaduka on acoustic guitar with backing vocals from Alex Stevens. Check it out above.

L.A. Salami: Another Shade of Blue

L.A. Salami’s “Another Shade of Blue” EP is a real joy to listen to when you are unwinding after a long day or just want to be transported to a more serene place for just a few minutes. Salami’s lyrics are poetic and captivating as he dwells on various topics including love and nostalgia.

“Another Shade of Blue” features Salami’s easygoing playing style on the acoustic guitar as his voices carries along with his strumming. Check it out above.

L.A. Salami: Darling, You Are Still Around

I first came across L.A. Salami a few weeks ago while listening to a folk playlist at work. The British indie folk singer-songwriter completely floored me with his amazing voice that reminded me of my high school days listening to Simon & Garfunkel. L.A. Salami’s music can’t help but put you in a idyllic and nostalgic mood when listening to him.

“Darling, You Are Still Around,” is a beautiful song that is only accentuated when played live by L.A. Salami. Check it out above.