Jeremih: Feel Like Phil

Jeremih’s “Late Nights” have been on constant rotation on my iPhone. I am not usually a R&B fan especially today’s music which falls short from the music from the 90’s but Jeremih’s album is quite amazing. The music production is very eclectic that helps to create a certain atmosphere throughout the entire album. Jeremih’s vocals […]

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Young Thug: Paradise

Waiting till Young Thug drops ‘Slime Season 3’ I have been checking out his single “Paradise” from his upcoming debut album ‘Hitunes’. As usual Thugger’s eccentric vocal style and lyrics stand front and center on the track. One of his humorous lines is when he says “Rolly Polly Olly N*gga/ I got three stripes and […]

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Jon Hopkins: Sun Harmonics

Jon Hopkins is a master at creating ambient music that completely takes you in. It is both relaxing and inspiring with its mesmerizing sounds. I came across his music a few months ago and it has been the soundtrack to many of my writing sessions. “Sun Harmonics” is one of my favorite tracks off of […]

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