The Raconteurs: Broken Boy Soldier

I have been revisiting Jack White’s discography over the course of the few days. I remember how much I was into The White Stripes and The Raconteurs with their distinct styles. I thought that Jack White could not do wrong and he still has lived up to that notion. “Broken Boy Soldier” is one of…

Soul Sundays: James Hunter – Tell Her For Me

Here’s a wonderful tune to restart the Soul Sunday series. James Hunter is a proven legend in the soul revival with his smooth voice and amazing backing band. “Tell Her For Me” is a slow and easy going song. Check it out.

Pop Punk Thursdays: Sum 41 – Fat Lip

I remember when I first heard Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” back in high school and how much it made me want to both rebel and start a pop punk band. I succeeded only partway with one of those. “Fat Lip” symbolized a fierce desire not to be like anyone else and not to live a…

The Boxer Rebellion: Keep Me Close

The Boxer Rebellion are finally back with a new single “Keep Me Close” from their upcoming album ‘Ocean By Ocean’. The song has a different sound from their previous works with strings in the background and a prominent bassline. Vocalist Nathan Nicholson’s voice soars over the growing crescendo of the guitars. Check it out above.

The Starting Line: Quitter

The Starting Line released their new EP “Anyways” a few days ago after an eight year hiatus. The band returns to their pop punk roots with “Quitter” which a fast paced and catchy track that shows that The Starting Line aren’t going anywhere. Check it out above.

Pop Punk Thursdays: Yellowcard – For You, and Your Denial

I have been listening to a lot of my favorite music genre recently and decided to start a recurring theme on this blog. Every Thursday I will (or try) to post a pop punk song by bands that I am a fan of. Starting off this first edition is Yellowcard’s “For You, and Your Denial”…

Young Thug: Worth It

Young Thug’s Slime Season 3 is supposedly coming out tomorrow and is going to break and shake the internet. Until then Young Thug released a video for a new track called “Worth It” which features his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. It is a romantic song that has Thugga spitting his slime. Check it out above.

Shlohmo & Jeremih- No More

As you know I am a fan of singer Jeremih who specializes in the midnight hour R&B. He manages to produce a vibe or tone that makes his music instantly recognizable. “No More” is an EP collaboration between Jeremih and producer Shlohmo that mixes electronica with hip hop inspired beats. The self-titled song “No More”…

King Krule: The Krockadile

King Krule is a young musician with an old man’s soul. His music is reflective with elements of nostalgia. The lyrics are melancholic and pleading as Krule sing’s in his gravelly voice. “The Krockadile” features a prominent guitar that adds a jazz tinged feel to the song. Krule’s voice goes from low to high as…

Solaris 1972 film review

There are only a few movies that have completely caught me off guard and changed my own perspective on life. These films reaffirm my passion in film and what can be accomplished when done outside the box. Solaris is one of these films. This film is not only intelligent but philosophical in its attempt to…