Pop Punk Thursdays: Box Car Racer – I Feel So

Tom Delonge has always been my favorite member of Blink 182. His ridiculous humor and guitar playing makes me listen to everything he does. Box Car Racer was a side project that featured Tom and Travis Barker with a focus on post-hardcore and pop punk. “I Feel So” from their self-titled album. Check it out…

Young Thug: Drippin

Young Thug seems to be getting only better and better with each new mixtape he drops. “Slime Season 3” is his best work to date with its few songs that deliver so much that we have come to expect from Thugga. “Drippin” is the best track on the mixtape with its pounding beat and Thugga’s…

Message To Bears: Mountains

There are a lot of bands and musicians that go under the radar and Message to Bears is one of them. They make music that is somber and emotive which keeps getting better and better. “Mountains” features an acoustic guitar and a violin that slowly moves along until it picks up speed. Check it out…

A Tribe Called Quest: The Chase Pt. 2

Today the world was hit with the terrible news that Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest has passed away. This gifted MC helped to bring hip hop to a large audience; domestic and abroad. He will be missed by many. In memory of Phife Dawg check out this jazz- tinged track “The Chase Pt….

Pop Punk Thursdays: The Story So Far – Mock

I do believe that The Story So Far’s  self-titled album is one of my favorite records of 2015 with its catchy and loud songs. The record reminded me why I still like pop punk and always will. “Mock” is one of the best tracks from the album with vocalist Parker Cannon shouting out his displeasure…

A Tribe Called Quest: Busta’s Lament

A Tribe Called Quest always puts me in a relaxed state of mind especially after a long day. Their jazz rap style completely sedates and inspires me to work on my own music. “Busta’s Lament” features J. Dilla production that creates a soulful and jazz filled vibe. Check it out above.

Motorama (live)

I am a huge fan of post-punk music and when I discovered Russian band Motorama a few years ago I make sure to keep track of whatever they are doing. Every so often I check out this live performance of the band and thought I would share it on this website. Check it out.

Pop Punk Thursdays: The All American Rejects- Gives You Hell

The All American Rejects were very popular when I was in my late teens and me and my friends learned to play their music in our own band. “Gives You Hell” is an infectious song that still has me listening to it every so often.  Check it out above.

De La Soul – Brakes

Over the past few years I have come to believe that De La Soul is the best rap group ever. They have grown in my estimation after listening to their entire discography over and over again. They constantly make interesting, humorous and smart music. One of their best songs is “Brakes” which is a laidback…