AZ- Ho Happy Jackie

I have been listening to nonstop AZ for the past week. I am amazed at how slept on he is. His lyrics and flow is absolutely phenomenal. I am quite surprised by how he isn’t mentioned more often in regards to the hip hop conversation on best spitters out. AZ constantly brings his lyrical best from album to album and deserves more attention then he gets.

“Ho Happy Jackie” is a laid back track with AZ talking about the girls who are getting men caught up with their shady actions. Check it out above.


Title Fight: MRAHC

Title Fight is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands especially after their amazing album “Hyperview”. The band’s sound harkens back to 80’s shoegaze. “MRAHC” is one of the best tracks from their record with its punkish sound and quiet vocals. Check it out above.

Bankroll Mafia- Out My Face

I haven’t been a fan of T.I. in quite a long time. Back in the mid-2000s his music was everywhere and I was closely following everything he did but he started to deliver lackluster projects and I stopped listening to him. But now with Bankroll Mafia this recent collaboration with Young Thug I am liking what I am hearing from the King of Trap.

“Out My Face” is a hard hitter with a catchy chorus and memorable verse from Young Thug. Check it out above.


Title Fight: Chlorine

Title Fight is a band that I recently came across and their newest record “Hyperview” is a stellar record. The band were previously a mainstay in the pop punk community but chose to venture into shoegaze and dream pop for “Hyperview”.

“Chlorine” is the standout track on the record with its heavily distorted guitars and quiet ┬ávocals. Check it out above.