Maxwell: All the Ways Love Can Feel

Maxwell’s new album “blackSUMMERS’night will be released tomorrow and it is shaping up to be an incredible record. For the past few days I have been listening to one of the breakout tracks from the record “All the Ways Love Can Feel”. The song has a funk and disco sound with its horns and features Maxwell singing in a falsetto. Check it out above.


R&B Throwback: Tony Toni Tone – Let’s Get Down

Tony Toni Tone has always been a group that I listen to often especially during the hot summer nights. The group released a string of hits and propelled Raphael Saadiq to stardom. One of their best tracks is “Let’s Get Down” which features DJ Quik. It has a prominent guitar that flows in step with the beat. Check it out above.

Clams Casino- All Nite feat. Vince Staples

Clams Casino is one of the best producers currently after hitting mainstream attention by producing for A$AP Rocky and Lil B. He is releasing an album entitled “32 Levels” next month and one of the singles is “All Nite”. This song has rapper Vince Staples straight killin’ the beat with his flow. Check it out above.

Moving Mountains: 8105

Moving Mountains creates some of the most emotional and reflective instrumental rock music I have ever heard. The post-rock band lets it all out showing all their vulnerabilities. “8105” is one of their most popular songs with its memorable riffs and building crescendo. Check it out above.

Bloc Party: Letter to My Son (live)

Bloc Party was one of the first post-punk bands I got into during the mid 2000s and I have been listening to them on a daily basis ever since. This band has produced an abundance of material that is quite amazing to behold. During their hiatus after their third album “Intimacy” lead singer Kele Okereke went solo and released an album and a few EPs that were solid until the band returned in 2012.

“Letter to My Son” is a bonus track off of “Intimacy” and features that classic mix and blend of guitars between Kele and Russell. Check it out above.

R&B Throwback: Ginuwine – So Anxious

When Ginuwine came on the scene I was rather young and didn’t fully understand the meaning behind the song “Pony” but sang it anyway to the chagrin of my parents. As the years went by I became a fan of his music and it seemed like he could do no wrong. He was able to make hit after hit especially with Timbaland as the producer.

“So Anxious” is one of Ginuwine’s best and memorable song. It features a rather cool music video that is reminiscent of the time with its interesting art production. Check it out above.

R&B Throwback: R. Kelly – I Can’t Sleep Baby (remix)

R. Kelly has always been one of my favorite R&B singers especially during the 90s and 2000s. He released a string of hits and remixes that kept his music constantly on the radio. “I Can’t Sleep Baby (remix)” is still one of R. Kelly’s best tracks with its emotional lyrics and down tempo sound. The music video for the song with a pleading R. Kelly in the rain enhances the sound and mood. Check it out above.

Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End

I learned about Majical Cloudz wait to late especially now that the band has ended. The duo creates some of the most haunting tracks that I have ever heard. “Childhood’s End” features an ominous beat with vocalist Devon Welsh’s voice soaring in range throughout. Check it out above.

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