Majical Cloudz: Illusion

I am very late to the Majical Cloudz bandwagon now that the band has disbanded. While together their music was on a whole other plane compared to other musicians. Their minimalist and stark sound brought forth an alarming emotive response. “Illusion” is one such song with its atmospheric sound and vocalist Devon Welsh’s somber words. Check it out above.


Blood Orange: Champagne Coast (live)

After seeing Blood Orange perform live I have revisiting his music and started with his first record “Coastal Grooves”. When I first listened to it when it came out I was intrigued by the sound especially Dev Hynes’ guitar work but it never latched on to me. But now I am surprised by how much I missed on that first go around; there are a lot of great tracks on the record.

“Champagne Coast” is one of the standout tracks on the album with its tropical sounding guitar riff. It is a romantic song with its seductive chorus: “Come into my bedroom”. Check it out above.

ScHoolboy Q: JoHn Muir

ScHoolboy Q’s fourth studio album “Blank Face” is one of the best rap records of the year. It is a gangster rap album that has ScHoolboy Q spitting some of his best verses to date.

“JoHn Muir” is one of the best songs from the album and has that classic gangster rap sound. The music video for the track is also amazing with its day in the life of two gangsters. Check it out above.

Domo Genesis: Faded in the Moment

Domo Genesis is one of my favorite rappers from the Odd Future gang. His flow is laid back and his lyrics are always on point. He released his debut studio album “Genesis” in March to positive reviews.

“Fade in the Moment” features a soulful beat that is reminiscent of the chill hop genre. Domo rides the beat with his relaxed vibe. Check it out above.

Deerhunter: All The Same

When I first listened to Deerhunter I thought they had to be one of the weirdest bands ever. Their music was disjointed and abrasive then I listened to “Halcyon Digest” and everything changed. The band grew up and became one of my favorites. Their most recent record “Fading Frontier” was released last year to critical acclaim.

“All The Same” is one of the best tracks from the record. Lead vocalist and guitarist Bradford Cox sings about a friend who changed their sex while a psychedelic rift plays in the background. Check it out above.