Porches: Be Apart

There are a lot of bands that are re-creating ¬†80’s music with their own interesting spin. Porches fits into this category with their synthpop sound that is reminiscent of New Order and Depeche Mode. The band released their second album “Pool” earlier this year and it is an amazing record that is arguably one of […]

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Whitney: Dave’s Song

Whitney released their amazing debut album “Light Upon the Lake” earlier this year which features a collection of alt-country and indie folk songs. One of the best tracks from that record is “Dave’s Song” with its horn section and soulful vocals from lead singer¬†Julien Ehrlich. Check it out above.

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Jamie Isaac live

Jamie Isaac is an exceptional musician who has a unique sound that blends jazz and electronica. In this video he performs two songs from his new album “Couch Baby” with his band. Check it out.

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Jamie Isaac: Find the Words

Jamie Isaac came to my attention from King Krule who mentioned him in an interview about who he listens to. The two have even collaborated on several tracks. Isaac makes moody electronica/alternative R&B music that fits perfectly for the late nights. “Find the Words” is Isaac’s new song with its downtempo sound that blends so […]

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The Smiths: Rubber Ring

I have been listening to The Smiths a lot within the past three weeks. I sometimes forgot just how smart they were and why their music is so popular. “Rubber Ring” is one of their best songs with its post-punk sound and Morrissey’s ethereal voice. Check it out.  

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