Touche Amore- New Halloween

Screamo is a genre that I have difficulties listening to, because the shouting vocals can become hard to listen to after a while. However, in the case of Touche Amore it is perfect. The band released their incredible fourth album “Stage Four” last year, which a record focused on the death of vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s mother. […]

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You Blew It!- Like Myself

  I have been on an emo binge over the past few weeks and I must say I am enjoying the bands that are part of the current revival. There is a lot of amazing music being made in the genre that needs to be brought to people’s attention. So in the next couple of […]

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Bay Faction- Sasquatch .22

I recently discovered Bay Faction, a  great young band from Boston. The band has been classified as both indie rock and emo, but has a sound that is completely their own. The music features predominately jazz chords and introspective lyrics from vocalist/guitarist James McDermott.  Their self-titled debut album has become a guilty pleasure of mine over […]

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The Pharcyde: The E.N.D

The Pharcyde’s “Labcabincalifornia” has become my most listened to album in the past few weeks. When I first listened to the record years ago, it didn’t grab me as their first album did. The album didn’t have any songs that leaped out at me, but now after many listens later, it has become one of […]

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Manchester by the Sea Review

For the past ten years, I have been telling everyone just how great an actor Casey Affleck is. After watching both “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” I instantly became a fan of Affleck. His roles in both films showed a varied and moving portrayal of a […]

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Black Sabbath: Solitude

I am a huge Black Sabbath fan especially with Ozzy Osbourne as the frontman and main vocalist. The band created seminal music with varied styles that made them very successful. I always enjoyed their eclectic style especially on track “Solitude.” This song moves along at a gentle and slow pace as the guitar moves it […]

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