Bloc Party: Tulips (Club Version) (Minotaur Shock remix)

When Bloc Party came out with their debut album Silent Alarm back in 2005, the band literally changed my life. Not only was the album absolutely incredible, but also it was the first time that I saw a black man (someone that looked like me) performing and creating memorable songs in the predominately white indie rock/post-punk sphere. Kele Okereke became a hero of mine and made it my job to always stay aware of whatever he and the band were doing ever since.  He and several other musicians inspired me to create my own music and to never stick to one specific sound.

“Tulips” is one of my favorite tracks from Bloc Party. The remix version by Minotaur Shock is phenomenal with its downbeat and atmospheric sound. Kele’s voice comes off as almost haunting in its subdued delivery. Check it out.

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