Deerhunter: Never Stops

Deerhunter’s “Microcastle” album is one of the best albums from the band. It is an experimental record that is equal parts dream pop and art rock. The album moves along at a quick but measured pace that makes it an instantly replayable album. The record has many great songs but the standout song is “Never […]

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Crash of Rhinos- Lean Out

I honestly believe that Crash of Rhinos ended way too soon. The band released a stellar album entitled “Knots” and then decided to disband. The record had so many good songs and garnered positive┬áreviews from critics and fans alike. One of the best songs from the album is “Lean Out” with its slow and somber […]

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Basement: Oversized

Basement’s third studio album “Promise Everything” is quite a departure for the band. The record has done away with the band’s previous pop-punk sound for a more alternative rock feel. “Oversized” is one of the best tracks from the album with it’s downbeat and catchy lyrics. The music video is also cool which a features […]

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You Blew It: Arrowhead

I saw You Blew It live last night and I can’t get enough of their music. The excellent mix of indie rock and emo keeps me coming back for more. They recently released the music video for “Arrowhead” from their fantastic record “Abendrot”. Check it out.

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