Young Thug: Family Don’t Matter

Young Thug always seems to get better and better with each record. He continues to defy expectations and does whatever he wants. “Beautiful Thugger Girls” is Young Thug’s best album to date with its mix of different genres including pop, country, and trap. Thugger uses his voice as an instrument as it bounces in and out […]

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Dave East: My Dirty Little Secret

Dave East has been steadily grinding over the years by releasing mixtape after mixtape that has further pushed his career into the limelight. He has been crowned as one of the new generation of rappers bringing New York back into the hip hop fold. East released his EP Paranoia: A True Story and it shaping up […]

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Brand New: Desert

Brand New’s long-awaited new album “Science Fiction” was released a couple of days ago and it is one of the best albums of the year. The record has the band continuing their post-hardcore and experimental sound with some of the most innovating songs from their career. “Desert” is one of the best songs from the […]

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Majical Cloudz: Mister

Majical Cloudz was an intense band that really grabbed hold of your emotions with each and every song. Vocalist Devon Welsh’s stage presence was both creepy and interesting. His lyrics cut to the core of your being and kept you wanting more. “Mister” is one of the duo’s best songs with its somber electronic sound […]

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No Malice: So Woke

Clipse has always been one of the best rap duos in hip hop and when the brothers embarked on their solo careers, Pusha T proved to be the most popular. Many people have waved off No Malice but they will surely get back on the bandwagon after listening to “So Woke.” No Malice goes in […]

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Editors: All Sparks

The British post-punk band Editors have always been a personal favorite of mine. They came to prominence during the 00’s post-punk revival scene with bands like Bloc Party and Interpol. They have managed to keep releasing albums and touring over the past decade. “All Sparks” is one of the best tracks from the band’s catalog. […]

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Flying Lotus: Only If You Wanna

I have always preferred Flying Lotus’ quieter tracks to his zany upbeat ones. These songs seem to flow on a higher plane while keeping your mind in a zen state. “Only If You Wanna” is one of my favorite tracks from Until the Quiet Comes. It’s a jazzy song with ethereal vocals popping in and out.

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Omarion: Okay Ok

Omarion has been gearing up to release his new album “Reasons” within the coming months. The R&B singer who stated that his next album is about going to the next level has been doing a lot lately in order to get to the top. His music has expanded in sound and features a more dance […]

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