Lil Wayne: Magnolia (Freestyle)

It seems like recently Lil Wayne has been putting out music that is reminiscent of the 2007 period. Many fans have exclaimed disappointment in Wayne’s mixtapes and inability to recapture that best rapper alive statement.  However, Wayne appears to be back on that lyrical tip especially on “Magnolia.” The song is a freestyle over Playboi Carti’s popular track and Wayne goes in. Check it out below.


Throwback Thursday: Outkast – Mainstream

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we look at Outkast’s “Mainstream” from their critically acclaimed album ATLiens. The song like most of the album has a somber and minimal beat. Both Big Boi and Andre 3000 deliver introspective verses and are joined by Goodie Mob. Check it out below.


Childish Major: Happy Birthday

Childish Major is an Atlanta rapper and producer and recently had a song featured on the hit show HBO show “Insecure.” He has been releasing music steadily on his SoundCloud including “Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Birthday” has an upbeat sound that has Childish Major rapping about partying and people who never hit him up anymore. The song also features a great verse from Isaiah Rashad.

G Herbo: Malcolm

Chicago rapper G Herbo finally released his debut album Humble Beast last week and it has gotten a lot of attention from critics and fans alike.  The record features G Herbo talking about life in Chicago and the brutal violence plaguing the city.

“Malcolm” is one of the best songs from the album with G Herbo rapping a street life epic that has the rapper spitting some of his best lines to date. Check it out below.

Vince Staples: Rain Come Down

Vince Staples’ new album Big Fish Theory is a unique departure from his first record as the new album has a more electronic sound. Many songs on the record are dance-worthy and really bump hard. One of the best tracks from the album is “Rain Come Down” which features Ty Dolla Sign and has a prominent bass line and stuttering beat. Check it out below.

Skyzoo: Bamboo

I recently became a Skyzoo fan after his amazing album The Easy Truth with Apollo Brown. The Brooklyn rapper recently released an EP entitled Peddler Themes that features the single “Bamboo.” The song has a jazzy beat featuring a trumpet as Skyzoo goes in over the track. Check it out below.

Throwback Thursday: Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin

Black Moon is one of the most underrated hip hop groups in the rap game. They released their critically acclaimed and influential album Enta da Stage in 1993 that featured some of the most complex and conscious lyrics at the time.

“I Got Cha Opin” is one of the best tracks from the album with its hard-hitting beat and saxophone sample. Each rapper rides the beat with their own lyrical versatility. Check it out below.

EarthGang: No Peace

I discovered Atlanta hip-hop duo EarthGang a few days ago and I am truly impressed with their music. The group has a style that is reminiscent of Outkast with their own spin on Southern hip-hop music.

“No Peace” is one of my favorite tracks from EarthGang with its soulful sample and their laid-back flow. Check it out below.


For the longest time, I did not know what to make of Marilyn Manson. When I was younger,  I thought he was a devil worshipper, sicko, and all-around frightening figure but over the years my opinion has changed. It wasn’t till 2 years ago when I actually sat down and started to listen to his music that I actually learned how much of a genius he is.

The Pale Emperor was one of my favorite albums of 2015 and led to a newfound respect for Marilyn Manson. I have been hyped for his new album which is set to come out next month. Last week Marilyn shared the first single from the album entitled “We Know Where Your Fucking Live.” The song is heavy and loud and features a disturbing music video that was shot in true Marilyn Manson form.

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