Lil Wayne: Big Bad Wolf

Lil Wayne released his Dedication 6 Reloaded mixtape last Friday and has the best rapper alive truly displaying his signature punchline flow. On “Big Bad Wolf” Lil Wayne goes in and it is amazing to hear him still being able to provide exciting remixes to songs. Check it out below.

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Lute: Morning Shift

J. Cole’s Dreamville has some of the most introspective and interesting rappers on the label. North Carolina rapper Lute has a striking flow that stands out on track “Morning Shift.” Lute spits on being real and trying to be the best out of his city. Check it out below.

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Childish Major: Woo$ah

Childish Major’s Woo$ah turned out to be one of my favorite albums from last year. The rapper and producer has a distinct style that is truly captivating especially on the title track from the record. “Woo$ah” has a fun and eclectic beat that has Major talking about taking a breather. Check it out below.

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Jorja Smith: On My Mind

I am really late on the wonderfully talented Jorja Smith. Her voice is incredible and really soars on each track that she sings on. “On My Mind” is displays just how powerful Jorja’s vocals are as it towers over the house beat. Check it out below.

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